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Please refer to your Ohio State Properties handbook for helpful information regarding emergency procedures and general maintenance issues. Emergencies include, leaking plumbing/flooding, electrical hazards, fire, water heater going out, furnace going out in winter.
For all emergency situations and/or maintenance requests please send an email to and explain in detail your situation including exactly when you noticed a problem and what the problem is (be as specific as possible). You will then be contacted via email or phone. By sending us a maintenance request you also give us permission to enter your residence to fix the problem. Thank You.

Ohio State Properties will be responsible for fixing any items that were not caused by tenants. Over the years we have seen a lot of drain issues caused by tenants putting items down drains that should not be placed down drains. These items include cat litter, pumpkins, rice, bread, and a host of other items. Problems caused by tenant actions are the responsibility of the tenant and will be billed to the tenant.

Please only use dishwasher soap in dishwashers. Regular dish soap will cause suds in the dishwasher which will cause a water leak on the kitchen floor.

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